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Teach Clients Creativity. Ultimately, Your Care Home Will Be Better For It.

>Lee-Anne Fox Profile
By | On April 23, 2018
Creativity is going to be far more important in a future where technology can give positive experiences to people with dementia better than we can.
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Top the Care Home charts with NHG Care Home Supply Tips

>Roy Edwards Profile
By | On November 10, 2016
We realise that being involved in the running and management of a care home can be difficult task. And we are aware of the many challenges including:
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3 tips for streamlining purchasing across a care group

>Damaris McIntyre Profile
By | On December 11, 2015
The housekeeper from one of your homes likes her cleaning products to have a fresh lemon fragrance. Another insists on apple. And a third prefers wipes to sprays, when it comes to surface cleaning. The one thing they agree on? Their way is best!
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How to make slings safe and comfortable for your patients

>Bethany Wanstall Profile
By | On November 09, 2015
How to make slings safe and comfortable for your patients
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A truly ‘multi surface’ wipe from NHG

>Luke Evershed Profile
By | On October 15, 2015
Help stop the spread of germs with our new pre-prepared wipes that are ideal for a range of surfaces including mattresses. 
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NHG launch Steiss CS300 digital chair scales

>Richard King Profile
By | On September 18, 2015
We’re excited to announce the launch of the Steiss CS300 digital chair scales.
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Ceiling track specification: Aesthetic and structural considerations for architects

>Steve Smith Profile
By | On September 02, 2015
When it comes to specifying ceiling tracks for hoist equipment, the most useful advice I give architects is to consult with a specialist as early as possible.
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How to improve the safety of your patient handling – in one easy step

>Roy Edwards Profile
By | On August 26, 2015
While using lifting equipment such as hoists can help prevent musculoskeletal issues, there are many other risks, such as equipment failures and user errors, associated with patient handling, whether you’re working in a care home, hospital or hospice or other care environment.
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NHG set to launch new specialisms at key industry event

>John Andrews Profile
By | On June 18, 2015
We’re delighted to be among the exhibitors at this year’s Health+Care show, the largest national event for the health and social care sector.
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